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We are thrilled with these carefully selected girls that will be the foundation of our Bernedoodle program! Our dogs are all HEALTH TESTED prior to breeding, which includes HIPS, elbows, cardiac and patellas, as well as dna disease clearances.
We do not breed first generation Bernedoodles, preferring to breed further generations for size and coat consistency.

in a guardian home in St. Ansgar, IA

Shelby Avenue KORRA

A drop dead gorgeous F1 Bernedoodle out of a Bernese Mountain Dog and a Mini Poodle. I am so in love with her! And what a sweet girl she is! Korra loves everyone and is super smart and mellow.

Korra has given us some amazing babies!

Phantom, 45-50 pounds


Malibu shown in a short cut:

In a guardian home in Fort Dodge, Iowa


This lovely lady is an F1 Bernedoodle, out of a Bernese Mountain Dog and a Mini Poodle. She will be a wonderful foundation for our Bernedoodle program!

Malibu is on hiatus, watch for her return with puppies summer of 2021!

Classic tri-color, 30-35 pounds

In a guardian home in Urbandale, IA

Shelby Avenue PANDORA
aka "Bailey"

medium 50 pounds

Pandora's coloring is called phantom

Lives in a guardian home in Ankeny, IA

Shelby Avenue CALAMITY
aka "Millie"

Classic Tricolor
Calamity is a standard, however her father is a mini Poodle, so she should produce smaller pups when bred down to a smaller male. Her first puppies have arrived and they are amazing!!

In a guardian home in Adel, IA

aka "Angel"

A lovely daughter of Korra, this girl is a multigeneration Bernedoodle (teddy bear bernedoodle). Mom is an F1, dad is an f1b. Angel hangs out in a salon all day where everyone loves her!

Angel was the very first Bernedoodle puppy born at Shelby Avenue Doodles! I don't think I could have asked for a more perfect puppy to start out my program with!

Angel is a classic tricolor

25-30 pounds

In a guardian home in Adel, IA

Shelby Avenue Mabel

We were so lucky to have stumbled across this little girl. She is just what our program needed and we did not even know it! She will bring some unique coloring into our Bernedoodle puppies. Mom is a small Bernese, dad is a blue merle mini Poodle.

21 pounds

Her coloring is called blue merle tricolor

Guardian home in Bode, IA

Jamaha's Sapphire

This stunning girl is a medium F1b Bernedoodle. I expect her to be around 40 pounds. Watch for updates as she grows!

Her coloring is called blue merle tricolor

guardian home in Fort Dodge, IA


This girl stole my heart from day one! She is such a wonderful girl, and I have big plans for her! She will likely be paired with Milo in late 2021 for small mini Australian Bernedoodles in merle tricolor, and classic tricolor.

In a guardian home in Algona, IA


Malibu and Ulysses have produced a stellar girl! Her coloring is rich and her personality is amazing. I cannot wait to see how she matures!





IC clear



Guardian Home in Walford, IA

Shelby Avenue Mile High Valentine "Milo"

Milo is an petite mini Australian Labradoodle. He will sire a limited number of mini Australian Bernedoodles for us! Milo lives with my sister and is a very happy, family oriented boy!

Milo's coloring is blue merle phantom

Guardian home in Carroll, IA

Shelby Avenue Grand Marshall

Watch for updates as this handsome boy matures!

25-30 pounds

Marshall is a chocolate parti/tricolor.




We are on the hunt for Mr. Perfect, watch for updates!!