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Guinevere and Rocco - Tricolor, Merle tricolor, and red/white, 35-40 pounds.
Due late May, ready for homes late July

Charlotte and Bucky - Tricolor, merle tricolor, possibly parti
Due early June, ready for homes early August




A note about size estimates-

A "mini" Bernedoodle is larger than most other mini doodle crosses. Also with the build of a Bernese Mountain Dog, Bernedoodle minis may be the same height as a mini doodle of another cross, but weigh much more due to their hefty build. Bernedoodles are not a dainty dog!

The stated size estimates are generally pretty accurate, however there are larger dogs as well as much smaller dogs in the pedigrees of our parents, so there are usually a couple end up larger or smaller than our estimate.

Most of our puppies will be in the 25-40 pound range. We have produced several that have stayed under 25 pounds, and a couple that have gotten over 40 pounds. We do not breed for standard sized Bernedoodles or micro minis.



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