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Mini Teddy Bear Bernedoodles - $3000
Angel and Rocco's babies, should mature to around 35 pounds. Merle/tricolor and apricot
Pick up day for this litter is October 7, 2022

EMAIL - kristy@shelbydoodles.com

Angel's Male 1


Angel's Male 2

Tricolor Merle

Angel's Male 3

Tricolor (dark merle)

Angel's Female 1


Angel's Female 2


Angel's Female 3

tricolor (dark merle)

Mini Teddy Bear Bernedoodles - $3000
Winnie and Teddy, Tricolor and parti. Should mature to around 30 pounds.
ready for homes October 19, 2022

EMAIL - kristy@shelbydoodles.com

Winnie's Parti-color Male

30-35 pounds

Winnie's tricolor male

30-35 pounds

Winnie's tricolor female 1


25-30 pounds

Winnie's tricolor female 2

25-30 pounds

Winnie's tricolor female 3

25-30 pounds


A note about size estimates-

The stated size estimates are generally pretty accurate, however there are larger dogs as well as much smaller dogs in the pedigrees of our parents, so there are usually a couple that get larger and several that stay smaller than our estimate.

Most of our puppies will be in the 25-35 pound range. We have produced several that have stayed under 20 pounds, and only a couple that have gotten over 40 pounds. We do not breed for standard sized Bernedoodles.



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