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Teddy Bear Australian Bernedoodles
Rose x Rocco have a stunning litter of puppies! Ready to go fourth of July weekend. These guys are so perfect, their coats are amazing and their colors are rich. Lots of availability in this litter.

Apricot w/white $3000
black w/white $3000
merle and tricolor $4000


Next litter expected to go home around October. Check back for updates.



A note about size estimates-
The stated size estimates are generally pretty accurate, however there are larger dogs as well as much smaller dogs in the pedigrees of our parents, so there are usually a couple that get larger and several that stay smaller than our estimate.

Most of our puppies will be in the 25-40 pound range. We have produced quite a few that stay under 20 pounds, and only a couple that have gotten over 45 pounds. We do not breed for standard sized Bernedoodles.


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